Getting a group of friends together and organizing a calsotada will catapult you to success.

Follow our “secret formula" to organise a Calsotada feast: Invite a group of friends who are willing to get their hands dirty and wear a bib. As more people, better. No need to know each other. The calsots will do the rest. Calsotada is a winter and outdoor feast around real fire (or BBQ), if you can ensure some sunshine, the better. Be ready to enjoy, have fun and drink wine with a Porron.

Prepare a good fire and a place to eat the calsots standing up. It is the dish that will open the menu, after the appetizers. Make sure everyone puts on a bib, drinks from a porron, gets their hands dirty stripping the calsot, dips them in Romesco sauce and looks at the sky while they eat them. It’s a magic onion, the only one that makes you smile.

The calsotada is a long menu and not narrow at all. It is very broad.

Like any meal with friends, you have to start with a good appetizer with black and white butifarras (sausages)and fuet. Some toasted bread, tomato, olive oil and salt.

Then the calsots are served, freshly made and on a tile. The tile will keep them warm.

Once the calsots are finished and with clean hands, everyone can sit down and the meats are served.

Here are some suggestions:

Typical dessert is something that can be shared.

At home it will be very easy to prepare a “musician’s dessert". Some dried fruits (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, raisins…. , whatever you like) accompanied by muscatel wine in a “porrón". It is a dish to lengthen the after-dinner conversation, an indispensable condition of the calsotada.

If someone plays the guitar and sings a few songs, then it will be the perfect calsotada.