The first contact
A ration of calsots is presented to me on the table, how ugly they are… Well, I take them from both ends and press the lower part until I notice that it breaks.

What do I do with it?
Once you feel how the burnt part is detached from the rest, proceed to undress the calsot. Pull decisively and you will discover the onion that will make you smile.

mmmm…. The romesco sauce
The romesco with grilled tomatoes, peppers, almonds, hazelnuts and olive oil, create a mixture that no calçot can resist.

Taste them
You’re ready to taste the smooth texture. You won’t be able to stop. Danger, stains! Don’t forget to put on your bib.

Reservas y Horarios:

Se puede hacer por teléfono al restaurante y se devolverá la llamada a partir del jueves.

Se puede realizar por la página web y se confirmara por email o teléfono.

Horario: Viernes noche, sábado mediodía y noche y domingo mediodía:

Primer Turno: 13:30-15:20

Segundo Turno: 15:30-17:30

Cenas: 21:00 a 24:00.

Abierto entre semana para grupos superiores a 50 personas.